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Creativity was named the "number one leadership competency" and the "most crucial factor for future success" by CEOs in a global study by IBM, yet 3/4 of us don't believe we're living up to our creative potential. The good news: it isn't magic and it's not something you have to be born with — it's a step-by-step process that can be taught.

At CreativeSmoothie.com, you'll learn proven ways to:

  • capture the attention of your clients and colleagues
  • engage them using the key ingredients of creativity
  • create impactful experiences that get better results

Whether you're a professional seeking an edge or an artist looking to improve, Creative Smoothie is for you. Now let's get creative!
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Watch, listen, learn
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Proof that it works:

Beverly Hotel
"Thank you Creative Smoothie for helping me create a unique introductory video about who I am for a recent job application. Your consultation helped me think outside the box and got me an interview out of the hundreds of candidates!"
- Vivienne M., Jobseeker    

"My coach provided me with concrete suggestions to use creativity to connect more effectively with people at networking events. This really made a difference!"
- Ian G., Consultant    

Boost Session post-its
"My boost session was super helpful in creating the overall theme and flow for my new business. [We] used different methods to get me to think more creatively and I left with a better understanding of what I need to do going forward."
- Jennifer S., Entrepreneur    

Boost Session notes
"Provided much more of a creative process to assist with my teaching sessions. Suggestions included the use of personal metaphors as well as group interaction scenarios, more of a facilitated, rather than lecture session. Thank you!"
- Jill C., Teacher    

"A great TED talk! Your presentation is awesome, clear, profound and easy to follow. Will follow the old wise man's advice to sell my ideas by using stories!"
- Xixian G., Sales Professional    

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